Business Start Up

Man at a computer holding a coffee mugMany people have a desire to set up their own business, to utilise their talents to the full, to have greater control over the decisions made in their working environment and to enjoy the satisfaction and rewards that often materialise from their own efforts.

All too often though the desire never becomes more than a dream or falters at an early stage, not through lack of desire but through lack of proper sound advice. No-one who has ever set up their own business would ever deny that to succeed requires skill, determination and hard work but these things alone do not guarantee success.

Business Plan

If you require finance from a bank you must have a business plan. We can help assist with your plan to ensure the figures add up!

People standing on the word 'Success'Business Structure

There are three forms your business can take; sole trader, partnership or limited company. Each structure has its advantages and drawbacks especially in the areas of taxation and legal requirements. With our help and advice you can decide which one best suits your business needs.

Business Records

Every business is required by law to keep certain business records. These records are used to produce the business accounts which in turn form the basis of the tax calculations to be submitted. Well maintained business records are essential in producing orderly accounts and for providing traceable evidence when dealing with enquires from HM Revenue & Customs. We can help establish your business with the necessary systems to ensure your record keeping is accurate and up to date whether that is a manual or computerised system we can help advise which format, package and system is best for you.


VAT is an issue that most businesses need to deal with at some point in time. Often a business can reach the VAT threshold very quickly due possibly to the high volume of transactions it handles whilst others can operate without reaching it for a number of years. It is always essential to seek advice from the outset of your business with regard to VAT, to make sure it is dealt with correctly and to avoid the sizeable penalties which arise through late or wrongly declared returns being filed. See our VAT section for more details on the services we provide.


When paying staff wages or salary’s you are responsible for ensuring correct deduction of tax and national insurance as well as making student loan deductions and reimbursing tax credits. See our Bookkeeping and Payroll section for more details on the services we provide.

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